Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick at Kroger

So here is the same picture I left on the post yesterday about my trip to Kroger.  Julia, you were actually pretty close with your guess of $2.  The other day, I received an envelope from Kroger with a bunch of coupons.  How I started getting those I have no idea!  I mostly shopped at Kroger up until this year when I realized how awsome Publix's coupon policy is...and never got anything!  So who knows, I guess the Kroger gods like me.

Anyway, I've started getting them every other month or so...there are mostly manufactutuer coupons which I can use anywhere, but there are always 2 free items...and this month they happened to be for Oscar Mayer Deli Meat and eggs, both of which I needed!  I tend to buy organic eggs, but you just can't beat free.  I'll go back to the organic $3.99/dozen eggs soon enough!  I could use these at Publix as competitor coupons, but since Kroger is being nice to me, I figured I'd use them there.  Also, my Publix has stopped carrying the Knorr alfredo sauce which we love, so I had a good exuse to stop by Kroger.  So here's what my receipt looked like:

Total before coupons & store sales: $8.92
Total after coupons & store sales: $3.24
Savings: 64%

Dozen Kroger Large Eggs @ $1.19
      -FREE Kroger dozen large eggs (in Kroger home mailer)
Final Price: Free!

Oscar Mayer Deli Turkey @ $3.99
    -Free OM Deli Meat (in Kroger home mailer)
Final Price: Free!

(2) Knorr Alfedo Sauce Mixes @ $1.59 each, so $3.18 total
     -no coupon :(
Final Price: $3.19

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  1. yay!! I spent a TON of money at the grocery store today (it was a stock up week on everything it seemed like) but thanks to some couponing and shopping the sales I saved 30 dollars off my bill! that's always nice! plus i got money towards a $5 off any purchase, and i'm only 50 cents away from getting it! SO excited about all of that, plus winning the guessing game! bring my prize with you, ok?