Thursday, August 12, 2010

Publix 8/12

So I had a pretty good trip to Publix today....I've begun watching the scanning of the coupons a little more closely since my favorite cashier seems to have disappeared, and has been replaced with cashiers that tend to miss a coupon or two.

I was excited that Prego is BOGO this week.....I like to stock up on it to use for various things...homemade pizza, base for spaghetti sauce, etc. The coupons don't come around nearly as often as I'd like, so I took full advantage of the fact that they were on sale AND I had coupons!  Now if only the same could've been said for the pasta....

It was also nice that milk was on sale this week...not that it really matters.  Going through a gallon a week, I have to buy it anyway, and the highest it will get is $2.49, but it's at $1.99 this week, which made me happy.  I guess I also stocked up on cheese too this round. :)  We love cheese and yogurt in our house!

Note: I italicized everything I got for under $1...I LOVE when this happens!

Total before coupons & store sales: $38.58
Total after coupons & store sales: $11.55
Savings: 70%

***Began with a $5/25 purchase, Rite-Aid coupon.  LOVE LOVE LOVE those things!

Half Gallon Publix Sweet Tea @ $1.49
     -Publix Mystery Penny Item from today's AJC
Final Price:.01 cents

Gallon Publix Milk @ $1.99
     -no coupon

7 oz Fage Greek Yogurt (good for smoothies!) @ $1.20
    -.50 cents, doubled to $1 found HERE
Final Price: .20 cents

4-pack Dannon Light-N-Fit Yogurt @ $2.19
     -.40 cents, doubled to .80 found in AJC a few weeks ago
Final Price: $1.39, or .35 cents per cup

(2) Kraft Cheese Chunks @ $2 each, so $4 total
     -$1.00/2 found in Kroger home mailer
Final Price: 2 for $3, or $1.50 each

3 Royal Gala Apples @ $1.99/lb, $3.02 total
     -$1 off produce (Target coupon; no longer available)
     -$1 off produce wyb Kraft Deli Deluxe cheese found HERE
Final Price: $1.02, or .34 cents each

4 Bananas @ .69/lb, $1.16 total
    -$1 off produce (Target coupon)
Final Price: .16 cents

Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese Slices @ $3.49
     -$1 off any Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese found HERE
Final Price: $2.49

(2) Cans Bush's Beans @ .93 each, so $1.86 total
     -.50/2 Bush's Beans, doubled to $1, found in Kroger home mailer
Final Price: 2 for .86 cents, or .43 cents each

McCormick Chili Seasoning Packet @ $1.15
      -no coupon

Rozoni Spaghetti @ .70 cents
     -no coupon ( I had coupons for the Smart Taste Ronzoni, but it wasn't included in the sale at my store :(   )

(6) Prego Spaghetti Sauces @ $1.04 each, so $6.21 total
      -(3) $1/2 coupons (1 was found in Kroger home mailer, other 2 I got HERE)
Final Price: 6 for $3.21 or .54 cents per jar

So you have something to look forward to tomorrow...I also ran into Kroger really quickly to buy a few things, so here's what I got....
Any guesses on how much I spent?  Hint: This is a bit of a trick question. :)  And, I'd give something to the winner...but I don't really have anything to give away at the current moment, so just play along with me...please? :)


  1. ooh, I guess.... $2. That's my guess, and I guess you could bring me my prize when you come to visit me in a few weeks!!!