Making Money

Like many frugal folks out there, I'm always trying to figure out how I can earn some extra cash.  When I discovered the sites below, I hit the jackpot!  Now, you won't get rich, but it is a nice way to earn some extra Amazon credits, paypal money, gift cards and even cash. You do this by answering surveys at your leisure.

It's a good idea to create an email address just for answering surveys.  I am signed up with multiple companies, but I only answer about a survey per day, depending on my schedule.  Like I said, the more you do, the more you'll earn, but the amounts are small...except when they add up. :)

Each day, check your survey email to see what surveys are available.  You'll want to do this quickly, as the number of many surveys are limited.

Here's a list of some survey companies available:

  • Swagbucks - you'll be "paid" in Swagbucks, which you can use to get gift cards or other merchandise.
  • Synovate-one of my favorites...I've gotten the chance to try products before they hit the market!
  • Mindfield-
  • Opinion Outpost-the first company I started with, and continues to be my favorite!
  • Survey Spot-I get an email every other day or so, and although I have yet to cash out, this company has been very easy to work with.