Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Pictures!

This was how the line looked when we got to Universal about an hour before opening....
Because everybody wanted to see this! Unfortunately, we ended up making the decision to go to Universal Studios instead of Islands of Adventure, because waiting 3 hours in line to see HP was not very appealing....
So instead of seeing HP, we got to hang out with the scary Mummy dude lurking right outside of the roller coaster....

First few minutes at Magic can see the picture above is about 5 minutes before the park opened, with Mickey and the "Gang", and the next picture is of me spinning the wheel as fast as I could on the teacups!
First day at Disney....and it POURED...I mean crazy winds, thunder, I am, not impressed, standing under the Monorail entrance completely SOAKED!
Yea, Magic Kingdom cleared out fast thanks to the storm!
This is on the glass bottomed boat, all of us watching as we passed over the Coral Gardens at the bottom of the ocean.
The view as we were much fun!
Of course we had to visit the southernmost point of the United was HOT!

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