Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation Pictures!

As I mentioned, I thought I'd put up some pictures from our recent vacation down to Disney World & Key West. We had a blast, but spent soooo much time in the car--I do NOT recommend it! These are only a few from my camera, most of the pics are from hubby's camera (which haven't been loaded to the computer yet....) as it is waterproof, and mine was not. More pictures to come later! Anyway, enjoy!
This is where we stayed in Disney, Coronado Springs...we loved it!
Me in front of the Epcot "ball"!
The view from our hotel in Key West...it was absolutely gorgeous! It was about to rain though, which is why it looks a little misty and such in the picture.
These cookies were HUGE! That is hubby's hand, we were trying to give an idea of their size. We bought one the last night we were there...it was so good!
One of the many beautiful sunsets in Key West...this was taken aboard a glass-bottomed boat.

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