Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Jello

Note: This post has nothing to do with couponing, I was just super proud of our creation, and what better way to shamelessly plug our baking (if this can really be called baking...) skills, than to post on a blog??? But, I did get the Strawberry jello on clearance at Target, and used a Target coupon to get a box of the berry blue jello for free at Publix! Woo-hoo for free jello!

So hubby and I got invited to the Memorial Day Pool Party at his parent's neighborhood pool. It's always a fun time there, and we had no other plans, so we figured why not! It was a potluck lunch, so they asked everyone to bring a side dish. So, after checking out various websites, we got all creative and came up with the idea of doing a patriotic cake (his dad and g-father were both in the military, so Memorial Day is important in his family)...with JELLO! I mean, who doesn't love a Jello jiggler, right?

Anyway, we decided to be lazy the night before and watch a movie instead of making jello..big mistake. We ended up running out of time Monday morning and not having enough time for the jello to solidify between each layer. So....we didn't get to take our awesome jello. But, when we got home, this is what we found! It actually turned out really well, even after all the mistakes we made (trying to cut the recipe in half to fit our mold, timing, too many mistakes to mention!). We had some extra white left over so we just used a star cookie cutter to cut out some stars. The white layer is just unflavored gelatin and sweetened condensed milk, so it's got kind of an odd taste by itself, but went really well with the Strawberry and Berry Blue layers. We followed the recipe HERE, and adjusted it slightly for our needs. A few more pictures:

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