Saturday, May 29, 2010

Target Clearance!

So I have really come to LOVE clearance items at Target....I rarely buy anything full price there anymore since I can usually get what I need (or want....) with a coupon or on clearance if I wait for the right time.

According to my husband, you can never have too much duct tape, so I thought...why not get fun colors while they're on sale??? I decided not to get the hot pink, but picked up the blue and never know when you might need it! We also go through candles like crazy in our house, so even though I never buy Glade candles, this one was at a fairly good price. The pudding...well, I just LOVE pudding, it's a weakness I have. But I never buy it, so being that it was on clearance gave me good reason! As far as the Toms bar soap, hubby likes to use as all natural products as possible, and I've been watching the price go down on these, and believe I snagged the last one. Anyway, ya'll should definitely check the clearance at's always on the end caps in all different departments, and it seems right now most stores have marked down a lot of things. Remember that each store will vary though. Also remember, a 20 cents reduction may not be worth buying just because its on clearance! Prices below:

Glade candle @ $1.74
2 rolls Duct tape @ $2.44 each
2 boxes of pudding @ .68 cents each
Tom's bar soap @ $1.52
Target bag @ $1.04

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