Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Not too bad of a Publix trip this week. I don't know about ya'll, but I feel like every picture has Cascadian Farms cereal in it...I seriously need to buy some stock in it! Anyway, there were some good deals to be had, and I of course couldn't let some of them go! I also made a quick trip to Whole Foods this week, which is why there isn't much produce in this picture. I did pay a little more for it, but it's so good!

Total before coupons: $55.72
Total after coupons: $20.77
Savings: 62.72%

3 boxes Cascadian Farms cereal @ $3.99 each, so $11.97 total
Hood Simply Smart Milk @ $3.59 (got it for FREE!)
2 New York Style Bagel Chips @ $1.35 each, so $2.70 total (BOGO)
Lipton Tea Bags @ $2.65
Breakstones Sour Cream @ .99 cents
Coppertone Sunscreen @ $6.99
Publix Sweetened Condensed Milk @ $1.99 (not pictured)
1 Box Knox Unflavored Gelatin @ $1.39
2 boxes Green Giant frozen veggies @ $1 each, so $2 total
4 boxes Berry Blue Jello @ .89 cents, so $3.56 total
Organic Carrots @ $1.29
Bear Naked Granola @ $4.29
Helluva Good Dip @ $1 (BOGO)
Lawry's Marinade @ $1.48

Coupons Used:
3 $1 off any Cascadian Farms cereal (Whole Foods q)
1 $1 off any Cascadian Farms product
1 $1/2 any Cascadian Farms cereal
FREE Hood Simply Smart q received through mail via Facebook
2 .75 cents off New York Style Bagel Chips
.55 cents Lipton Tea (Publix q)
.55 cents off Breakstones Sour Cream
$2 off Coppertone product (Publix q)
$2 off Coopertone product (manu q)
1 $1/2 Green Giant Frozen Veggies
Free box of Jello wyb 3 boxes (Target web q)
$1 off any Bear Naked product (manu q, found on product in store!)
$1 off any Bear Naked product (Whole Foods q)
.50 cents off, doubled to $1, Huluva Good Dip (made it free!)
.50 cents off, doubled t $1, Lawry's Marinade (made it .48 cents!)

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