Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CVS 7/5: Free Nyquil & Dayquil!

I'll tell ya what, when we get sick, we go through Nyquil and Dayquil somethin' serious.  That's what seems to work for us, but it is expensive.  But not today. :)  Nope!  I happened to be in CVS so I could get my free toothbrushes, and found a little clearance section....with a bunch of 75% medicine!  Now, I think these must've been more like 90% off, but I'm not complaining!  I didn't have any coupons for them, but that was ok seeing as they were super discounted.  I also had some ECB's to spend, so it all worked out well.  The bonus: they don't expire anytime soon either!  Here's the picture and breakdown:
Total before coupons & store sales:  $41.85 (an estimate, based on each Day/Nyquil being  approx $6.99)
Total after coupons & store sales, but before ECB's: $6.91
Total after all discounts: .91 cents
Savings: 98%

(2) Oral-B Cross-Action Toothbrushes @ $3 each (orig $4.99), so $6 total
     -buy one, get one free from June P&G
     -$3 in ECB's
Final Price: FREE!

(2) Liquid Nyquil @ .69, so $1.38 total
(1) Liquid Dayquil @ .73 (why that costs more than Nyquil I have no idea....)
(1) Liquid Nyquil w/ Dayquil Gelcaps @ $1.35
    -$3 in ECB's
Final Price: .46 + .45 tax=.91

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