Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recycle Bank: Earn 25 Points

 If you log into your Recyclebank account you will see that there is a new way to easily earn 25 points.  After logging in, just look under the “earn points” tab and scroll down until you see the Dove “Green Your Bathroom” opportunity.

Click on the link and watch a short video followed by an even shorter quiz. After you complete the quiz, click on the “get my points” link that will appear after the quiz.  

Not Familiar with Recyclebank?
Recyclebank is a great program that rewards you for recycling by working with a variety of partners. You can add points in many different easy ways, answering quick questions, purchasing specially marked products and trading in your old electronics. Just go HERE to sign up for Recycle Bank to find out all the ways to earn and save!

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