Monday, April 11, 2011

Bad News

So, I knew this day would come....everytime I walked out of my Publix, I was thankful for yet another trip when I could use a competitor XX/XXX coupon, such as $5/25 CVS purchase.  Well, that day did come last poor cashier (who happens to be my favorite and knows I'm going to hand her some competitors and has NO problem with it) didn't even want to tell me...she felt so bad.

She told me that as a result of a woman who walked out of the store with $400+ in groceries, and only paid a $1, the manager decided that they would no longer take competitor coupons from any drugstore or dollar store, and the only XX/XXX coupons they would take were Kroger.  Which JUST closed right next to my Publix.  Not that they ever put those out anyway, but still. 

That woman is a good example of a coupon abuser.  She found a location she knew would take those coupons and used them in all in one transaction.  How she got all of them I have no idea, but there's just no excuse for that.  I didn't use one of those every time I went, but when I did, I tried to be careful with my usage, and never ever used more than 1 in a single transaction.  It's not like Publix gets reimbursed for those, like they do manufacturer coupons.  So now she has taken away savings from the rest of us, and it just makes me furious!  If you're going to be an extreme couponer, PLEASE be polite about it, to the store, its cashiers, and its other customers.

That's my rant...hope it wasn't too bad!


  1. Its all because of that Discovery show, Extreme Couponing. Every week they show a handful of people who buy coupons from ebay and online and go into grocery stores and buy a grands worth of items only to pay 3 bucks. I get the feeling all of the stores are going to tighten their grip fast. And we can thank mass media.

  2. Yea, I watched that this morning and it made me really mad, so I can't watch it anymore. Stores are tightening as we speak...

    Also, those ppl don't include the price they pay for the coupons on Ebay so their savings are slightly skewed...not a ton, but enough that they should include the info. Ok, now I'm done ranting.