Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kroger Mega Event Trip #3

So I decided to make one last trip to the Kroger Mega Event before it disappeared...and also my Kroger is closing so they had alot of stuff on I wanted to take some inventory and maybe go back armed with coupons to grab some of the clearance deals before they close!  Now, since items were everywhere, I knew I was going to have some issues at check out....for example, there was a big display for Sara Lee bread...there was mostly just white left (only 4-6 loaves on the whole display) and one first thought was that someone just layed it I looked at the tag for guidance..."assorted varieties" it said, not just white. So, I took that to mean it was included, since it wasn't excluded.  Well, of course it didn't ring up as part of the 10 items, so the cashier tricked the register and just scanned one of the Honest Ade teas twice...but then she still put in the full price of the bread (2.79, when the display said $1.49)!  I appreciate her helping me out, but I'd put something else back to get the bread, and now I wish I'd just said hold on to my order...check out the lady behind me and I'll be right back....because for that price I could've gotten cheaper bread at Publix!  But oh well.....she was trying to help.  So, that messed up my savings a bit, but I still did pretty fact the lady behind me commented that they should "flash their light when someone does that well!"  HAHA

So are my totals and the breakdown...the Mega Events really are the BEST time to shop at Kroger if you need items included in the sale...this one ends Saturday, so if you haven't gone yet, go now!

Total before coupons & store savings: $42.08
Total after coupons & store savings: $11.83
Savings: 72%

(3) Honest Ade organic tea @ .75 each, so $2.25 total
    -(3) .50/1, doubled to $1, found HERE
Final Price: Free + .75 overage!

Kroger gallon OJ @ $3.59
     -no coupon

(2) Barbaras Bakery All-Natural cereal @ $2. each, so $4 total
     -(2) $1/1 found HERE
Final Price: $1 each, or $2 for both

Cascadian Farms organic cereal @ $2.49
     -.75/1 found HERE
Final Price: $1.74

Dannon Light-N-Fit 4-pack @ $1.88
     -$1/1 found in 1/23/11 SS
Final Price: .88 cents

(2) Advil @ $2.50, or $5 total
     -(2) $2/1 found HERE
Final Price: .50 cents each, or $1 for both

(2) Reach toothbrushes @ $1 each, so $2 total
     -(2) $1/1 any Reach toothbursh or floss found in 11/11/11 RP
Final Price: FREE!

Evol organic burrito @ $1.49
     -no coupon

Sara Lee Bread @ $2.29
     -no coupon

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