Friday, January 14, 2011

What's on the Menu?

 Here are the dinners we've had this week.  Feel free to share what you're eating...I feel like we eat the same thing all the time, so I like hearing what others make!  We got snowed in (well, more like iced in) for most of the week...which was fun at first but got kind of boring after a few days...

Sunday: Make your own pizza!
Monday: Mexican Breakfast (ground turkey, scrambled eggs, potatoes, add salsa, cheese, sour cream, etc)
Tuesday: Homemade chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and broccoli at my brother in law's (where we got stuck...again)
Wednesday: Leftover mexican breakfast
Thursday: Rotisserie chicken, corn and lima beans
Friday: Will probably go out since we've been stuck inside all week!
Saturday: Eating at Bambinelli's w/ my family
Sunday: Spaghetti??? Ended up visiting with my in-laws and they took us to Marlow's Tavern...I had a grilled chicken sandwich because we'd been discussing Weight Watchers (his parents just started) and I was feeling guilty about the leftover burger I'd eaten for lunchand felt I needed to be a little healthier!  I didn't even eat mos of the bun!

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