Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Publix 1/18


So 2 weeks ago exactly, I knew that PP peanut butter would go on sale on 1/6...so I went ahead and ordered my coupons..but there was also a $1/1 Publix PP coupon out that I could stack...making each jar give me .75 overage!  Well....then we had snow...and ice...and the city shut down.  So no mail came.  The coupons should've been here on time, but they came a whole week late...and although my Publix takes lots of coupons, expired (even store ones) ones they do not...they explained they couldn't punch in the LU# because the register wouldn't take it.  I wanted to argue knowing that other stores do take them...it's just a manual over-ride like you'd do with a competitor coupon...but since I was already getting the peanut butter for a quarter, I decided not to argue the point.  So, I lost almost a dollar on the coupons I ordered and then couldn't use...but oh well.  Lesson learned. But, I had gotten myself over to Publix last Wednesday right before the sale ended hoping they'd be out of peanut butter so I could get a rain check...because if they still had it, I had not yet gotten my other 7 PP coupons in the mail!  Thankfully, they were out and I got the raincheck, which I used today. (Does everybody know about rainchecks?  They are awesome!)

The good news is I still got the pb for super cheap and I will be donating some of it...but we also eat alot of it, and they're small jars....so don't judge me. :)

Total before coupons & store sales: $21.86
Total after coupons & store sales: $5.10
Savings: 76.67%

(8) Jars Peter Pan peanut butter @ $1.24 each, so $9.88 total
     -(8) .50/1, doubled to $1, bought at My Coupon Hunter
Final Price: $1.88 for 8, or .24 each

Dannon Light-N-Fit 4-pack @ $2.19
     -.50/1, doubled to $1 printable (no longer printable)
 Final Price: $1.19

Jolly Time Popcorn @ 10/$10, so $1
      -.50/1, found in 1/9/11 SS
Final Price: FREE!

Rnzoni Quick Cook Pasta @ .70 (BOGO)
      -.50/1, doubled to $1, found HERE
Final Price: FREE + .30 overage!

Smuckers Strawberry Jelly @ $1.60 (BOGO)
      no coupon

Progresso Beef Broth @ $1.30 (BOGO)
     -.40/1, doubled to .80, found in ???  ( I know it was in the paper, but don't know which day!)
Final Price: .50

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  1. Isn't it funny that when you coupon, sometimes you hope that an item is not in stock? A non-couponer would never think that, ever!

    Great job! No judgment on the peanut butter - I'd buy that much, and more, at that price!

    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it!
    -- Laura from Frugal Follies