Thursday, December 16, 2010

Publix vs. Kroger

                                                    This is my Publix run....

                                                     This is my Kroger run....
The difference in the amount spent between the stores was $1.34.  Now tell me Publix is more expensive than Kroger.... :)

I know I'm zoning in on many products that are on sale and one that is not, but it's just crazy to me that for 1 gallon of OJ, I can buy almost everything in that first picture!

Total before coupons & store sales at Publix : $45.17
Total after coupons & store sales: $4.83 (.24 was tax)
Savings: 89%

***Also used $5/25 purchase Rite Aid coupon

Box of Clementines @ $3.99 (This is the BEST price, so go get some!)
      -no coupons

(3) Mulluer's Pasta @ .65 each, so $1.94 total (BOGO)
      -$1/1 found in Mueller's Calendar
      -(2) .55/2 found HERE
Final Price: FREE + .16 overage!

(2) Swiss Miss Cocoa @ .99 each, so $1.99 total (BOGO)
      -.50/2, doubled to $1, found in 11/14/10 SS
Final Price: .99 for 2, or .50 each

(2) Planters Nuts @ $1.60 each, so $3.19 total
        -$2/2 Planters snack items found HERE (Target coupon)
        -$1/2 Planters items found in 11/14/10 SS
        -$2/2 Planters items found HERE (my store considers these store coupons even though the barcode starts with 5, because they say retailer at the top) (no longer printable)
Final Price: FREE + $1.81 overage!

(2) Ritz Crackers @ $1.55 each, so $3.09 total
        -$1.50/2 found HERE (no longer printable) (considered store coupon)
        -$1/2 found HERE 
Final Price: .59 for both boxes, or .30 each

Publix Frosted Flakes @ $2.29
       -Mystery Penny Item in today's AJC
Final Price: a penny!

Gold Medal Flour @ $1.49
      -no coupon

Publix Gallon Milk @ $2.69
      -no coupon

(2) Ore Ida Hashbrowns @ $1.48 each, so $2.95 total
     -$2/2 found in 12/5/10 SS (Target coupon)
Final Price: .95 for both bags, or .48 each

Green Bell Pepper @ .96
      -no coupon

Birds Eye Frozen Green Beans @ .89 (50% off this week)
     -.50/1, doubled to $1, found HERE
Final Price: Free + .11 overage!


  1. I LOVE that you did this!!!! No one belives me when I tell them how much cheaper Publix is than Kroger when you use coupons! Do you mind if I "spotlight" this post on my blog @ Happy Couponing?

  2. haha, i know! i'd be happy to share, i try to tell people all the time how much cheaper i can buy stuff at Publix and they don't believe me!