Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do You Get Your Groupon?

Do ya'll know what Groupon is?  It's a daily deal site that usually focuses in on local companies in different cities, where you can get at least 50% the retail price if you get it.  The catch is that the deal is only available for 24 hours!

So I've been watching Groupon for weeks now, seeing all the good deals come through my inbox, but being on a tight budget usually prevented me from grabbing one...until yesterday.

Although the deal was out of Washington D.C. (every city is different usually), I bought 2 Groupon's for $35 each, for $70 worth of organic food....and don't tell anybody, but they're Christmas gifts!  So, just because I live in Atlanta doesn't mean I can't get a deal from another city, which is awesome!  But, if they're delivering something, you want to make sure they'll deliver to your state....some places are restricted due to their small size.  My mom bought an $80 turkey for $40 or Thanksgiving thanks to Groupon.  So if you've been hesitant about it, I say definitely try it out!

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