Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seven Cent Batteries

 A couple of weeks ago there was a great coupon for batteries: $1.50 any 4 or 8-pack Duracell Coppertop...and lo and behold, Kroger decided to put their 4-pack's on sale for $1.98! (normally $3.19)  As it always seem around here, we were in need of batteries for those oh-so important things like Wiimotes....

But, I had only gotten 1 paper, so I went online to Coupons & Things by Dede and ordered some more coupons.  Yes, I paid for her to send me coupons.  'Cept, it's illegal to sell coupons, so I was paying her $.12 per coupon for her time and cutting skills...and then paid postage as well.  Anyhow, I also knew these Suave deoderants were $.88 at Kroger as well, so I went ahead and ordered some .50/1 which would double, from Dede as well.  Only problem was, apparently Kroger has adjusted their scanners to only double to the amount of the item, not the full dollar.  Boo on them.  I was really hoping for some overage on these to cover the cost of the coupons and to go towards batteries!  Oh well.  I did go through the self-check out line the other day and it fully doubled...it must not be as smart.  Note to self: go through self-checkout next time I want coupons to full double. :)

Anyhow, I got the deodorants to donate since they were free and shelters always ask for that kind of thing.  Sadly enough for the environment, we will go through the batteries quickly.  Yes, we use rechargeables too, but my camera lasts about 2 seconds on them, and the Wiimotes won't tolerate them at all.  Ugh.

Total before coupons & store savings: $42.98
Total after coupons & store savings: $6.48 + $3 catalina for buying $15 in Duracell batteries.  So, essentially $3.48 for 44 batteries and 5 deoderants!
Savings: 92%

(11) 4-pack Duracell-AA Batteries @ $1.98/pack, so $21.78 total (I had to open one pack to put into my camera to take the picture...hence only 10 packs in pic)
      -(11) $1.50/1 found in 11/14/10 RP
Final Price: $5.28 (+1.20 for coupons-$3 catalina)=$3.28, or .07 cents per battery!

(5) Suave Deoderants @ $.88 each, so $4.40 total
      -(5) .50/1, doubled to .88 cents, found in 11/14/10 RP
Final Price: Free + .40 for coupons=.40 cents for 5, or .08 cents each

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