Friday, September 17, 2010

What's on the Menu?

Here are the dinners we've had this week. We actually ate at home a good bit this week, but it looks like the weekend is going to have it's fair share of eating out since we'll be out of town.  I'd love to hear what other people are eating, if you care to share. :)

Monday: Husband had Open House at school, but I just made a Stouffer's Skillet meal...shrimp, pasta and veggies...and just enough left over for hubby to take for lunch the next day!

Tuesday: Ribs in the crockpot, macaroni and cheese, sauteed zucchini and squash, and rolls.

Wednesday: Hamburgers, baked beans and creamed corn.

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner-Cheesy scrambled eggs, homemade biscuits, and sausage.

Friday: We'll be HERE with my brother in law...I am soooo excited...not!  I am not a beer drinker...but don't have any other plans, so I said I'd tag along.   Scratch that...plans changed and we're just having leftovers.  Not overly excited about that either...

Saturday: Spending the day in Athens for the UGA/Arkansas who knows what food that will bring!

Sunday:  I'm thinking about cooking some tilapia I just got on sale...probably with some rice and some other veggie. 

Here is a picture of the homemade biscuits my husband made last night...who knew he could make such pretty biscuits???  Not me!  Also, my husband likes to play with his he's not 5, but he does act like it sometimes...but sometimes it's when he makes me a heart biscuit with an arrow through it!

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