Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Publix 9/6

I don't have a picture this week because when I got home, everything got unloaded and put away quickly since the husband was home for Labor Day.  He and his brother had been hanging out, and if their mama taught them one thing well...when a lady walks in with groceries, help her unpack!  Anyway, there was a little bit of a snafu at Publix, but it worked out in my favor.  But, I have never encountered somebody so rude standing in line behind me.  Honestly, do you REALLY think you can go to the grocery store on Labor Day and go through fast?  Um no...and I had no delusions about that.  Apparently the lady behind me did.  When I questioned a coupon (as I rightly should have) she shoo'd me to customer service...yep, shoo'd me...like a fly.  And then when a Publix manager tried to get my original coupon from the lady that checked me out, the lady behind me YELLED at her that if she had to wait for me, I had to wait for her. Needless to say, the Publix manager looked like she wanted to punch her.  And I honestly didn't blame her....

So the problem was that I had a coupon for a free Earthbound Farms product.  So, I had the cauliflower in my cart, and watched it ring up at $2.  Well, then I carefully watched all the coupons go through, and even though there were the right number of coupons, one of the values was incorrect.  Actually, 2 were incorrect.  So I politely questioned it...and that's when I got shoo'd.  The manager was so irritated as it was (I'm sure it'd be a long day for everyone there), that she just gave me the cash when I pointed out the problem.  I knew it was on there in a different value and offered to find the difference, telling her it would take me a second as I needed to look through all the coupons and items and match the others up, but she said forget it, gave me the $2 back in cash and was done with it.  When I got home, I found the problem.  The product rang up for the full value it could've taken off, which was $5.99 I think....because some stores do charge that much.  So then the cashier adjusted it down...but too much.  I got jipped .61 cents...and then on my free bananas that I got in the mail the other day, I got jipped .05 cents because it only took of $1.20 instead of $1.25.  Both no big deals...but I couldn't figure any of that out until I got home and was able to really sit down and look at it.  But I figure, Publix has overlooked some of my q's before, so now we're even. So that ladies and gentlemen, if why you should watch carefully!  Here are the totals:

Total before coupons & store savings: $24.11
Total after coupons & store savings: $5.05 (that was after I got the $2 back)
Savings: 79%

***Also used a $4/20 purchase from CVS that I got in an email

Ribs @ $3.42
    -no coupon

Dannon Light-N-Fit 4-pack @ $2.19
    -.40/1, doubled to .80, found in AJC
Final Price: $1.39, or .34 cents each

Organic Earthbound Farms Cauliflower @ $2
     -FREE any Earthbound Farms product (mailed after giving them compliment), but only rang up at $1.39 of
Final Price: .61, but really FREE after I got $2 in cash back from manager

1 Dozen Eggland's Best Organic Eggs @ $3.99 (ouch!)
     -.35/1, doubled to .70 found in magazine
Final Price: $3.29

Yakisoba Chicken Noodles @ .60
    -.50/1 doubled to $1, found in 8/29/10 SS
Final Price: .40 cents profit

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers @ $1.20 (BOGO)
     -.50/1, doubled to $1 found HERE
Final Price: $1.39 for 2, or .69 cents each

(2) Greek Yogurt Cups @ $1.19 each, so $2.38 total
    -.30/1, doubled to $1, found in 8/08/10 General Mills insert
    -Buy one, get one free found in Publix flyer
Final Price: .60 cents for both, or .30 cents each

Bananas @ .69/lb
     -FREE bananas up to $1.25, except it only took off $1.20, received in mail after giving compliment
Final Price: 6 bananas for $1.61, so .41 after coupon, or .06 cents each

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