Monday, September 6, 2010

1 Year Ago...

1 year...well actually 1 year, and 2 days ago, but who's counting...was my wonderful wedding.  It was gorgeous weather, great location, VERY tasty food, I had the most perfect photographer, my husband looked handsome, and well....everything was pretty much perfect!  I couldn't have asked for a better wedding....but it was so much fun, I wish I could do it again.  My photographer was Lindsey Lingenfelter over at Linden Tree Photography.  Let me tell you....she is AMAZING!  I would love to show you pictures of my handsome husband, but he has asked me to refrain from doing that on my blog....but, you can go over to Lindsey's blog and see him...hehe.  But even without pictures of him, we still had awesome pictures...dare I say better than any other weddings we've been to???  Sorry, I just might be a little biased. :)

My dress!  
The MOH bouquet and my garter...yea, he's a bit of a UGA fan. :) 
Love this one!
No words to describe what a fabulous day it was!       
Handmade programs
The favors were tree side of the paper talked about how to care for the tree, the other side talked about caring for one's this case, hubby and me. :)

We had the Varsity cater, and I love how Lindsey showed our "love" of the Varisty! 
Again...need I say anything?
Dad and me beginning the walk down...
The ladies in the Varsity truck were the first to wish us congratulations after the ceremony!
All the flowers!
Me and my girls
My dad's sister and her precious
Cutting the cake

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