Monday, August 16, 2010

Publix 8/16

I hadn't planned on making a trip to the store this morning, but then I started seeing all these great deals at Target, and a few at Publix and since they're right next to each other, I decided I might as well catch some deals.  And by some I mean absolutely NONE at Target.  I used to love my Target...but now we seem to have a love/hate relationship.  Mostly hate, because every time I've walked out of there lately, I was not a happy camper.  Anyway, I programmed the Target corporate number into my phone so I'd be ready if there was a problem.  Well there was no problem because 1) they didn't have what I was looking for or 2) it wasn't on sale like I though it should be.  So I walked out with nothing.  Which is probably better for my wallet anyway!

But, Publix didn't let me down...they rarely do!  Well, I did want some organic broccoli, which they didn't have, so I settled for fresh regular broccoli.  Also, I know Bagel Bites aren't the healthiest thing...but they make for an easy lunch some days, and were super cheap.  The pork chops are about to be put into the crockpot to make Asian Peanut Butter Pork Chops.  Seriously, I told you I'm in love with her website!  Will let you know the verdict tomorrow...or the next day.

Total before coupons & store sales: $37.23
Total after coupons & store sales: $10.28
Savings: 72.39%

***Used Rite Aid $5/25 purchase in addition to other coupons
***Italics illustrates items less than a $1

Organic Carrots @ $1.29
    -no coupons

Bagel Bites 9-count @ $2.49
    -$1/1Target coupon (no longer available)
    -$1/1 found in 6/13 SS (Smart Source in AJC)
Final Price: .49 cents, or .05 cents per bagel bite!

Dannon Light-N-Fit 4 pack @ $2.29
    -.40 cents, doubled to .80 cents found in 8/15 SS
Final Price: $1.39, or .35 cents per cup

Pork Chops @ $5.03
    -no coupon

Head of Broccoli @ $2
    -no coupon

Stouffer's Easy Express Skillet Creations @ $2.50
    -$2/1 found HERE
Final Price: .50 cents (cheap and quick dinner....YES!)

Arnold Whole Wheat Bread (BOGO) @ $1.85
    -.55/1 found in AJC (not sure which date)
Final Price: $1.30

Mission Tortillas @ $2.59
     -.75/1 found in 8/1 SS
Final Price: $1.84

(2) Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges @ 2/$4 (should've been 2/$6 but the cashier rang it up wrong and I didn't catch it...but I guess that makes up for other times when the cashier rang up things not in my favor!)
    -Buy One, Get One Free (that she put in as $3!)
    -$1/2 found in 8/15 SS
Final Price: Free!  Should've been $2, or $1 each if rung up right

(2) Jars of Prego @ $1.03 each, so $2.07 total
    -$1/2 found HERE
Final Price: $1.07, or .54 cents each

Paper Mate Pens @ .50 cents
    -.50/1 any Papermate product found on Target website ( no longer available)
Final Price: Free!

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