Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pampers, Pampers, and more...Pampers!

Ok, so before I start any rumors....I am NOT pregnant, nor do I plan on being pregnant anytime soon!  Want a baby?  Yes?  Going to wait a few years before I start spending gobs of money on one? YES!

This just happened to be a GREAT deal at Publix that I couldn't pass up, and with all our friends getting married and/or having babies, you can't beat cheap diapers as a shower gift!  For 82 diapers, and 2 boxes of wipes, I only spent $13.25.  The box of diapers alone was originally $19.99!  Here's how it worked:

82-count Pampers Baby Dry Size 4 Diapers @ $19.99
(2) 64-count Sensitive Pampers Baby Wipes @ $2.99 each, so $5.98 total
      -$3 off any Pampers product (Vocal Point q received in mail) (manu q)
      -Get free wipes wyb any Pampers Diapers (in 8/01 AJC) (manu q)
      -Get free wipes wyb Pampers 48-96 count diapers (Publix q found HERE)
      -$5/25 purchase Rite-Aid q

I tried to scan my receipt in, but for some reason, Blogger doesn't care for my PDF.  So the actual numbers looked like this:

Diapers @ 19.99
Wipes @ 2.99
Wipes @ 2.99
Tax: 1.36
Final Price for all 3: $13.25!  That's free wipes, and .15 cents per diaper!

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