Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicken Florentine...1st Attempt

So I am constantly trying to come up with ideas for dinner.  I am such a picky eater, which really narrows down the options, although my husband will eat anything, which is nice.  Does anybody else feel like they cook the same things over and over again?  I've been trying to branch out...but it's so hard!  Anyway, I found this recipe for chicken florentine that looked really good.  And easy.  And I had most all the ingredients.  (Does anyone else feel like lots of recipes have 20 ingredients, 2 of which you never keep around, and will never use again?  Yea, not a good recipe in this picky eater's book!)

So anyway, I didn't get any pictures while cooking, as it completely slipped my mind that I was going to post on it.  But, I will make a few comments.  Because it's just me and hubby, I wanted to cut down the recipe in size.  It looks to feed about 4-6 people, with some left to be frozen, and I only needed it for 2 people.  So....I guestimated on alot of the ingredients.  For example, on the sour cream, I may or may not have used 1/2 a cup...not really sure (recipe calls for 1 full cup).  I did use a can of cream of mushroom, 1 package of spinach, 2 boneless chicken breasts, 1 cup of cheese, and a tablespoon of lemon juice.  I didn't have wine, but that was no big deal, and like I said, the other ingredients I just sort of guessed on.  I baked the chicken in the oven at 350 degree for about 25 minutes to make it easily shred-able.  It filled a 9x9 inch square pan, pretty full, after everything was said and done. 

Husband commented that this was a recipe he thought needed to be reproduced.  (Doesn't that sound just like a biology teacher???) I thought it was a little salty, but then again, I think most things are too salty, so that's not saying alot!  I wouldn't say it's the healthiest of recipes with the cream of mushroom, sour cream and mayonnaise (I used Miracle Whip since that's what we had), but the chicken and spinach was healthy!  With a side of watermelon, this made for a good dinner, with lots of leftovers!

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