Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boo on Bills, Cheers for Coupons!

So after following the advice of Kristen over at Couponing to Disney, I have begun emailing companies whose products I really like and buy often.  I started last week...and have already received a couple of good coupons!  It takes 3 minutes to leave a comment telling the company why you like their product, and trust me when I say they'll reward you for taking the time to write them.  Below is a picture of the coupons I received yesterday alone:
Oops, guess my toe didn't get out of the picture....Anyway, it was a good mail day as you can see.  Here is what I received:

From Earthbound Farms Organics: (2) Free product q's, (3) $1/1 any product q's, (1) .75/ any salad and (1) $1/2...can we say...THANK YOU!!!!!!!

From Del Monte: (3) .50/1 any Del Monte canned veggie (which will make for free veggies!)

From Birds Eye Steamfresh: .25/1 product...not to be mean to Bird's Eye, but is that really all they could send??? Oh well, guess I can't complain..that will double to .50/1 which is still .50 cents more saved than before!

So, I see 2 good things coming out of writing these quick little thank you comments...it makes the bills not look nearly as bad when I get q's for free things in the mail, and...I get free stuff...what's better than free organic produce?  Ok, maybe a few things, don't comment on that!

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