Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orange Beach

My last trip of the summer ( really, I NEVER travel as much as I have this summer!) was down to Orange Beach, AL where my husband's grandmother owns a condo. Since nobody was renting it thanks to the oil spill, we took advantage. There wasn't much beach-going, but there was lots of pool-going, sleeping, and good eating! Just an all around relaxing trip. Here are some of pictures! The first is the ferris wheel at the Wharf that we rode on our "date night" (a.k.a we didn't eat with hubs family for 1 night)
The one above is a water spout, or as I knew, a tornado on the water. We guess it was 15-20 miles away from us but it looked pretty close! Didn't stop me from going down to the pool though. :)
This is the ONE spot of oil we found....the cleaning crews must be doing a good job because you really couldn't tell there was an issue. Hubs wouldn't let me get in the ocean for fear of all the chemicals they're using to clean the I listened...he usually knows what he's talking about with stuff like that, being a Bio teacher and all.
And there's one of the many hubs took of me in the was HOT, pool was COOL. :)

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