Saturday, July 31, 2010

2nd Publix Trip

So I got $3/15 purchase in my email from CVS this week, which is also good at Publix...and since I didn't pick up a few things I was planning to on Thursday, and some of my q's were about to expire, I figured I'd brave the crowd and go for a quick trip today. No picture, but details below. Also, I'm going to try a different format in how I show you my purchases and coupons used, also giving the final cost of things.

Total before coupons & store savings: $20.13
Total after coupons & store savings: $8.18
Savings: 59%

Soft Soap @ $1 (10/$10 this week)
-$1 found HERE but no longer available
Final Price: Free!

Bisquick @ $4.79
-.50 cents, doubled to $1 found HERE
Final Price: $3.79

Stouffer's Family Style Entree @ $3.99
-$2 found HERE
Final Price: $1.99

4-pack Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt @ $2
-$.50 cents, doubled to $1, found HERE
Final Price: $1, or .25 cents per yogurt cup

(2) Organic Plums @ $2.29/lb
-no coupon
Final Price: $1.24

Red Grapes @ $1.49/lb
-no coupon
Final Price: $3.16

Also, keep in mind I used the CVS $3/15 coupon in addition to the others.

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