Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free eCookbook: Muffin Recipes

I don't know why some days I don't post anything, and then other days I feel like I'm posting every other hour...but I am getting better and faster at this whole blogging thing! haha

I've already downloaded this and thinking about making some muffins to take with us on vacation next week to snack rommate Saturday! Except not with my old roomies...ok, so most of you got that reference, sorry to everyone else...that was a nod back to my college days. So anyway, check out these healthy and yummy looking muffins! You can download a FREE Healthy Muffins Cookbook HERE! There are 25 recipes to try and they all look really delicious!


  1. healthy muffins? I'm not sure we would have had those on roommate saturday!!

  2. i wasn't really referring to the healthy part...just the muffin part!