Monday, May 3, 2010

Publix 5/3

Ok, so I had my first not so good experience with Publix this morning. I'll share that in a little bit, but here's the list of purchases and coupons. How did everyone do this week? Any deals?

Total before coupons: $57.62
Total after coupons: $40.72
Savings: 29% (not anywhere near the 60-70% I've been saving weekly!)

Publix Milk @ $2.28
Bananas @ $1.28
Mayfield Chocolate Yogurt (thought I was getting real ice cream that was BOGO so it'd be 2.79...obviously I wasn't paying attention!) @ $4.59
Mayfield Cherry Chocloate Ice Cream @ $2.75
Publix Old Fashioned Oats (to make homemade granola! Or attempt to anyway....)
Grapes @ $2.70
Dannon Yogurt 4-pack @ $1.99
Organic Apples @ $3.12
Kashi Heart to Heart @ $3.89
Ground Chuck @ $3.89
Publix Spaghetti Sauce @ FREE!
2 Classico Spaghetti Sauce @ $2.59 each, so $5.18 total
Publix Deli Turkey @ $3.00
Minute Maid OJ Concentrate @ $1.89
Athenos Hummus @ $2.99
Gala Apples @ $2.51
6 Dannon Light-n-Fit Yogurt Cups @ .50 cents each, so $3 total
1 Yoplait Greek Yogurt Cup @ $1.19

.40 cents of Dannon 4 pack yogurt (doubled to .80 cents)
$1 off Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal (Whole Foods q)
$1 off Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal (manu q found on inside of sample box I got in mail)
$1.50 off ground beef wyb 2 jars of Classico sauce
$1.50 off 2 jars of Classico sauce
Publix Spaghetti Sauce free wyb Classico sauce (part of the "Buy theirs, Try ours campain)
$1 off Athenos Hummus
.45 cents off 1 Yoplait Greek yogurt cup (doubled to .90 cents)

Reasons I am not happy with Publix today:

1) They wouldn't take my Rite-Aid video values q's that are $5/20 purchase...which cost me $10. They've always taken them before, and apparently just decided to change their policy.
2) As I said above, one of the Mayfields was scanned at full price because apparently the yogurt wasn't included in BOGO.

So, as a result of me not paying attention because I was arguing about the RA q, I missed the ice cream blooper, and didn't figure it out until I got home. BOO. I mean, I still got all of that for a great price, but still....knowing I made those simple mistakes doesn't make me happy. See, I'm not a perfect couponer!


  1. they probably didn't take your $5/$20 because you've been stealing from right under their noses with them! You always get such good deals, i need you to be my personal shopper, though i did get a great deal on a chi straightener!

  2. it's not stealing if they take it willingly! it's all about which cashier you have too....i picked the wrong one yesterday!