Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mambo Sprouts Organic Coupons

I know that alot of people think that there are no coupons out there for organic foods, and therefore people resort to buying unhealthy processed foods because that's what they can get cheap. That does happen, but I have good news......if you look hard enough, there are coupons for organic foods and other products out there!

A website that I have come to love is Mambo Sprouts. According to their website:

"The Mambo Sprouts program was designed with the health, natural and organics product consumer in mind. We offer education materials, free samples and value-packed coupon books through direct mail and in-store distribution. The Mambo Sprouts Messenger, filled with the latest and greatest industry news, trends and tips, and coupon booklet, is mailed three times a year to over 200,000 homes around the country."

If you click on the Mambo Sprouts link above, you will see in the top left corner where it has a tab for coupons. Make sure you go ahead and fill out the info to have the mailer sent to you with all the good coupons for organics in here. You can also instantly print out a few coupons under "E-Coupons" under the same tab, if any of those are to your liking. Then just browse the website, and let me know if you find out anything that's really cool!

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