Monday, April 19, 2010

Drugstores Deals

3rd stop was CVS. I scanned my card thinking I'd get a $1 off CVS paper product, but instead it printed 4 coupons for various things, like $5/40 purchase, $2/6 purchase of wrapping paper, etc. I don't know if I'll actually use any of them because I don't really need much right now, but we shall see! Didn't buy anything, but glad I scanned my card!

4th stop was Rite-Aid, as seen in the pic above. I couldn't find anything to get me over the $20 hump, so I didn't use a $5/20 (for those new to couponing, they take the $5 off BEFORE any other coupons, which is awesome! So, if you buy $20.01 worth of stuff, you automatically get $5 off!) purchase q, but still got a good deal.

Oreos @ 2.99
U by Kotex @ 3.49
2 boxes of Rice Krispies (to make rice krispies with the $.11 cent Easter marshmallows I got from Target!)

Coupons Used:
Free box of Oreos (received by mail by becoming fan on facebook)
$1/2 Kellogg's cereal
$1 off U by Kotex q (but will receive $3.49 single check rebate, so this was really a $1 moneymaker!)

Total before coupons & rebates: $11.01
Total after coupons, before rebates: $6.02
Total after coupons & rebates: $2.53
Savings: 77%


  1. I have to tell you I've quickly become addicted to your blog! I want to save like you are - but it looks like ALOT of work! Plus we are like your husband - we try to eat organic... but i'm becoming inspired! Do you think you are spending $ on stuff you wouldn't ordinarily buy but do b/c you have a coupon? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. No! It's taken me a few months to get ths couponing thing down pat, and it takes alot of time! James will testify to how much time I spend planning my shopping lists and where I'm going to go! haha If it is something I can get free, like shampoo or toothpaste and I don't need it, I'll donate it....things like overly processed foods I don't even worry with because I don't think just because other people can't afford healthy food means they should be given the bad stuff! I will admit that I am not the healthiest of eaters by any means...but I'm trying! Let me know if I can help in any way...I've cut our grocery bill in half and we eat out alot's truly a "cheap" thrill! haha

    You can see some of the money-saving blogs I like to follow n my blog-roll that are much more in depth...mine is more for me to keep track of savings for myself..and plus it's fun to show off all your hard work!