Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Couponing Class 101

For those of you that desire to learn more about couponing, I'm going to attempt to insert mini lessons here and there to get you started (and keep you going!)

There are 3 main coupon sites that regularly put out coupons you can print off the internet.


Sometimes there are good coupons, sometimes not. It all depends on what you like to eat or use...I find that alot of these coupons are for foods that are a little too processed for our tastes, but there are still good coupons to be found, especially when stacked with competitor and/or store coupons, which brings me to another topic.

Some stores will accept certain coupons, while others will not. This varies by store location, not just store. As in, my Publix will take coupons from Rite-Aid and CVS, but other Publix's may not. Make sure you ask before you try to use them so as to not cause too much trouble. I will get more in depth on each store another day, just is just a preliminary intro to them! These are the stores I shop in GA, but there are many many more out there, depending on where you live.

: Has a reputation for being very good about accepting coupons. They will allow you to stack a manufacturer, store coupon (as in one Publix put out) and a competitor coupon. That's 3 coupons for 1 product! It takes some searching to get all 3, but it is possible!

: They will not take competitor coupons, only manufacturer and/or digital coupons through Kroger.com or Cellfire.com (mini lessons on those to come later!)

Rite Aid
: Will take manufacturer coupons stacked on top of their "in-ad" coupons (in their weekly circular) and/or $$/$$$ coupons they put out on the internet. (Another lesson, another day...)

: The great thing at CVS is their rewards program, Extra Care Bucks, or ECB's. That is a lesson in and of itself, but let me just say I have grown to love something that I careless never payed attention to before. You know those little cards they give you? Make sure you use them every time you go! Also, excellent customer service!

Walgreens: I am not so much of a fan of Walgreens, but they have a program similar to CVS. Just a warning, they are not known for their customer service, and tend to get annoyed at couponers, although they can carry some great deals every now and then.

Next lesson..............couponing lingo! I know ya'll are excited!

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