Sunday, April 18, 2010

Awesome Pillsbury Sale!

Ok, so I couldn't let this sale pass by without doing anything about it. I LOVE Pillsbury biscuits and cinnamon rolls...a weakness, I know. So through today, Kroger had a catalina on Pillsbury biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and crescent rolls. If you don't know what a catalina is, check this out. They also had them 10/$10, so $1 a piece. So, pairing the sale with my coupons, and if you add in the catalina, I MADE money on this deal! (1+1+1+1+1.79)-(.40+.60+.80-1)-3=(-.01) cents! ( a real mneymaker...but hey, it's better than paying for it!)

So, since I bought 5 products, a catalina of $3 printed money! What I should've done was split up my transaction and pay for the double issue of the paper with my catalina but the lines were long (I was at self check out) and I didn't want to cause trouble. Plus, I'm already thinking I'll go back to grab some meat since they're running their big meat sale for the next few days.

2 small cinnamon rolls @ $1 each, so $2 total
2 small biscuits @ $1 each, so $2 total
1 big honey butter biscuit @ $1.79
Reusable Kroger shopping bag @ .50
Double Issue of AJC @ $3.00
Total: 9.29

Coupons Used:
Cellfire .40 cents off 1 PB cinnamon rolls
.30 cents off 2 PB cinnamon rolls, doubled to .60 cents
.40 cents of PB biscuits, doubled to .80 cents
$1.00 of honey butter biscuits
.50 cents credit since I designed a reusable bag on Kroger's website
Total coupons: $3.30

Per my reciept:
Total: $6.27
Coupons & Kroger Plus Savings: 5.95
Savings: 73%

But don't forget, my catalina printed out which was $3, so I really only spent 3.26 on all those yummy breakfast items, a bag and a double paper!

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