Monday, June 27, 2011

Kroger: Manager's Special Jackpot!

I really made the trip to Kroger to get some cheap pineapples with my $1.25/2, and they were on sale for 2/$5.  But then I got up to the register...and realized I'd made a rookie mistake.  The coupon was for Del Monte, the ones on sale were Dole.  So, no pineapple for me today. :(  But, I had already hit the organic manager's special jackpot!  I didn't have coupons for these items, but they were half off as it was, and it's hard to get much better than that on these items. Had I been coming straight home I might've picked up some more, but I had lots of other stops to make...although I did have the forethought to throw a cooler in the car just in case I got something cold (because I wasn't planning to).  I was tempted to get 2 milks, but I knew we couldn't drink them before they went bad.  So here's what I got:
Total before store savings: $21.08
Total after store savings: $11.19
Savings: 47%

Horizon Organic Milk Half-Gallon @ $2.09
Horizon Organic Butter @ $2.99
Immaculate Baking Company Organic Cookies @ $2.79
Kroger Ground Beef 1.31 lbs @ $3.10

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