Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My trips to Publix and Kroger have been few and far between recently...part of that is because we are now getting fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and peppers from our garden...and we get other produce/meat at Trader Joes/farmers markets.  Another reason is because we're stocked on everything we use regularly...and we've really cut back on processed food, which is unfortunately alot of what is on sale.  As a result, I don't have as much to post!  I did stop by Aldi this morning though since I had to get my car worked on right across the street.
Strawberries @ $1.29
Broccoli @ $1.59
(2) Pudding @ .45 each, so .90 total
Kidney Beans @ .55
(2) OJ concentrate @ $1.09 each, so $2.18 total

I estimate I saved about $5 on these items, comparing them to Publix prices.  Aldi isn't always cheaper, but in terms of produce, they usually have mega chain grocery stores beat by far in that category!  They definitely have the cheapest/best looking broccoli around for me!

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