Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Far Can a Gift Card Really Go?

As a thank you for helping a friend out a few months ago, I received a $100 gift card to Publix.  She wanted to get a gift card for a massage and I said no, I'd actually rather have one to somewhere like Publix where I can stretch that thing!  Yes, I know, I'm a grocery geek.  But also, I wanted to see how far I could really stretch it too!  I bought as I regularly do, so lots of these trips included expensive items like organic eggs and cereal, produce, etc.

Turns out, $100 can go a long way in the land of couponing.  Here is a breakdown of how far I made the card go:

                                 FMV of items bought:                              Amount actually paid:
Trip #1:                            $45.31                                                           $17.73
Trip #2:                              46.38                                                             15.85
Trip #3:                              48.31                                                             14.74
Trip #4:                              27.21                                                             10.06
Trip #5:                              16.33                                                             7.53
Trip #6:                              8.14                                                               6.14
Trip #7:                              31.49                                                             14.75
Total:                                 223.17                                                            86.80

Now, before you start ragging on me about my math....I know the amount actually paid via gift card should equal 100....and I thought I'd kept up with all the receipts...but apparently I lost one along the way.  But, you get the idea.  I estimate I bought about $250 worth of stuff, and only "paid" (except not really!) $100.  So next time you get a gift card, try and see how far you can stretch it!

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