Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kroger Mega Event=Free!

So all of this was FREE at Kroger!  Well, minus the Orbit gum, I had to add that in at the last minute because my total went negative and the cashier told me I couldn't do that.  Which, Publix does, but I know it was all tax, and they really do have to turn that I just grabbed the Orbit to bring the total back to a positive number! 

This week is a Mega Event week at Kroger, meaning they pick certain participating products, and if you buy 10 of those (you can mix and match), you automatically get $5 taken off your total.  So for example, I was watching the register and knew I should only have to pay a few cents when all was said and done...but the register was saying I owed $5.XX.  I looked and the automatic $5 hadn't come off, even though I knew I got 10 items.  So the cashier went back through and realized he hadn't rung up a Campbell's...when he did, BOOM!, off came the $5!  The lesson there is to watch the register like a hawk!

I'll be donating the pasta and toothbrush as well.  So without urther ado, here are the totals:

Total before coupons & store savings: $18.38
Total after coupons & store savings: .54 (.19 of that was tax!)
Savings: 97%

(6) Campbell's Cream of Chicken/Mushroom @ .49, so $1.47 total (price reflects post $5 savings)
     - (2) $1.50/3 Campbell's Great for Cooking soups found HERE
Final Price: FREE + .03 overage!

Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta @ .79
      -.50/1, doubled to $1, peelie found on box
Final Price: FREE + .21 overage!

Colgate Toothbrush @ $1
     -$1/1 Colgate toothbrush found HERE
Final Price: FREE!

(2) Annie's Natural Mac-N-Cheese @ .49 each, so .98 total
     -$1/2 mailed to me by company
Final Price: FREE + .01 overage!  (for some reason I kept thinking I'd be paying .50 for one box and that would eat up the other overage, not causing me to go into the negative...but I guess my brain was elsewhere!)

Orbit Gum @ .64
     -no coupon

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