Monday, November 29, 2010

Kroger Mega Event

I did ok on this trip...I know some of this stuff goes on BOGO at Publix every now and then (i.e. Doritos and Marie Callender...actually it's on BOGO right now), but I was having trouble getting to my 10 items!  I knew I wanted the cereals, and the tuna is being donated and was free after q, and the chow mein noodles are to make haystacks this afternoon for fundraiser at hubby's school.  And of course, we always need OJ!  The chicken happened to be a great price ($1.79/lb) so I grabbed some for the day I run out and don't want to buy a bunch at one time at BJ's for a slightly higher price.  I hadn't planned on buying the bagels though, along with the pot pie...but I still got a fairly good deal on all of this. Although, I did realize on the way home that I should've just gotten another Barilla pasta and used a B1G1 coupon I have from vocalpoint...I was already using a free product q though, so it didn't even occur to me...until too late!  Oh well. :)

Total before coupons & store savings: $42.30
Total after coupons & store sales: $21.09
Savings: 50%

Kroger Gallon OJ @ $3.29
     -no coupon

(2) Kroger Chow Mein Noodles @ .75 each, so $1.50 total
     -no coupon

Tyson Chicken Breast @ $3.62
      -no coupon

Tyson Chicken Tenders @ $2.95
      -no coupon

(2) Chex Cereals @  $1.79 each, so $3.58 total (Mega Event)
     -$1/2 Chex Cereals found in11/14/10 GM
Final Price: $2.58 for both, or $1.29 each

(2) Mom's Best Natural Cereals @ .99 each, so $1.98 (Mega Event)
      -(2) .75/1 found HERE
.48 cents for both, or .24 cents each

Barilla Pasta @ $1.49 (Mega Event)
      -FREE product coupon from Vocalpoint
Final Price: FREE!

Ranch Doritos @ $2.25
     -no coupon, but part of Mega Event

Bumblebee Tuna @ .49 (Mega Event)
     -.55/1 found in 9/12/10 SS
Final Price: FREE + .05! (will be donated)

(2) Marie Calender Entrees @ $1.69 each, so $3.38 total

      -no coupons, but part of Mega Event

Lender's Bagels @ .99
      -no coupon, but part of Mega Event

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