Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Clearance at Target....Nothing Better!

So before I stepped into Publix this morning, I thought I'd just check to see if Target might have lowered the Halloween clearance from 50% to 75%....well, the 50% signs were still no good.  But just in case, I scanned some cupcake liners, and lo and behold, those thing were 75% off!  So I started scanning all sorts of things and having to talk myself out of all sorts of things as well...but here is the stuff I ended up with.  (P.S. I might have visited Target on Tuesday as well, afraid they'd sell out of Halloween that stuff was 50% off...but alot of that was gone by today too!)

Black and White Striped Tights (for next year's costume, maybe?) @ $1.25 (retail for $5)
Dr. E. Vyle Coloring Book @ .62 (retail for $2.50)
Pumpkin Shaped Cake Pan @ $1.99 (retail for $7.99)
(2) Halloween Cupcake/Muffin Liners @ .44 each, so .88 for both (retail for $1.77 each)
8-pack Halloween Pencils @ .25 (retail for 1!)
.05 credit for using bag

Total before clearance prices: $20.03
Total after clearance prices: $4.99
Total after tax and bag credit: $5.24
Savings: 75% ( as if you would have a hard time figuring that one out....)

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