Friday, October 22, 2010

What's on the Menu?

I know I've been remiss about posting menus the last couple of weeks...getting home at 6:30 on Fridays is NO fun!  The last thing I wanted to do was get back on the computer and try to remember what we've been eating, when I'm so hungry I can't think!  But....I'm back. :)

Here are the dinners we've had this week. Life seems to not be slowing down at all, but hubby and I sat down and went over our budget the other day in preperation for 2011....yes, we're already getting ready!  It really made me realize how much eating at home has saved us a lot of money, and so we'll continue to eat at home and I'm going to continue to try new recipes!  I'd love to hear what ya'll are having if you care to share!

Monday: "Mexican Breakfast"-sausage, potatoes, eggs wrapped up in tortillas, with cheese, sour cream, salsa
Tuesday: Sloppy Joe's and corn-the plan was for something else, but I was out of an important ingredient, so change of plans...Sloppy Joe's are always a good back-up!
Wednesday: Hubby had to stay late at school, so I just ate leftovers
Thursday: Pork chops, organic mac-n-cheese, organic peas and Sister Schubert rolls---my favorite!
Friday:We'll be eating out somewhere local with family
Saturday: It's football....but I have a prior engagement, so who knows what dinner will be bring.  I don't think it's going to be homemade though...
Sunday: I plan on trying THIS delicious looking recipe!

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