Sunday, October 31, 2010

Target Produce Coupon

To those of you who have Publix locations that will accept Target coupons  ( I know those are becoming few and far between!), Target has just released a new coupon for $1 off produce.  I LOVE this because there are so rarely coupons for produce, and my Publix has no complaints in taking these coupons.  They're wonderful and I love them.  Alot.  You can find the coupon HERE, and while you're there, look for other good coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer or Publix coupons for even better deals.  Or, they have a few holiday coupons which I know will come in handy soon!

The link will take you directly to Target's main website.  Scroll to the bottom and in the center, you'll see links under the heading "Target Stores".  Look for the coupon link and there ya go!  Go get the coupon now though...if I had to guess it will be gone by tonight!

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