Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rite-Aid 10/6

Because I cannot find time to take a picture and upload it right now, I figured I'd go ahead with this post...otherwise it will sit, waiting to be posted for another week...and by that time a new sale will have started! So, without further ado, here is the post that I did write yesterday, but finally decided to post today!

Well, this was a little more OOP than I had planned (I always forget how much tax bumps it up!).  I probably should've just left out the Nivea lip balm because I didn't need it, but it was free....and works wonders, so oh well! 

I am now STOCKED UP on toothpaste and toothbrushes...they need to stop having sales because I can't resist them!  Although, I will say I donate alot of the toothpaste because I know I am fortunate to be able to get whatever kind I like, but others are not so fortunate to get any at all.  As well as donating the toothpaste, I'll also donate the Poise, they're not for me or anybody in my family; but they were a good deal, and again, other people are in serious need of things we take advantage of.  So as you get good at couponing, make it a practice to begin donating a few things here and there. Someone, somewhere, will truly appreciate it. 

I did this all in 1 transaction, so here ya go:

(2) Poise liners @ 2/$10
     -$2 off Rite-Aid video values q found HERE
     -Received $2 UP rewards
     -Will receive $2 SCR
Final Price: $4 for both, or $2 each

Crest Toothpaste @ $2.69
    -.50/1 any Crest toothpaste found in 9/26 P&G
    -Received $2.69 UP rewards
Final Price: Free + .50 moneymaker!

Oral-B Toothbrush @ $2.69
     -.75/1 any Oral-B manual toothbrush found in P&G rebate booklet
     -Received $2.69 UP rewards
Final Price: Free + .75 moneymaker!

Schick Hydro Razor @ $5.99
     -$2 Rite-Aid video values q found HERE
     -$4/1 found in 10/3 SS
Final Price: Free + penny profit!

Tom's of Maine Deoderant @ $3.49 (yes, I just bought some a week ago...we go through it fast and I refuse to pay full price for it!)
     -$1/1 found in 10/3 SS
     -Will receive $1 SCR
Final Price: $1.49

Nivea Lip Care @ $2.99
    -$1/1 found in 10/3 RP
    -Received $1.99 UP rewards
Final Price: Free!

So basically I just roll my rewards from week to week, playing with my monopoly Rite-Aid money.  The UP rewards (which print on your receipt) expire 2 weeks from the date you receive them, so even if you don't need anything, keep rolling them and get stuff you can donate! If you let them expire, it's like throwing cash away!  Oh, and if you're trying to do math, which I'm going to go ahead and guess you're not, you may think there is about $5 missing somewhere in there...well I also used a $5/25 purchase RA q.

Total before coupons, SCR, UP rewards & store sales: $39.03 (YIKES!!!)  $27.85 after store sales for this week...
Total after coupons & store sales but before rebates & UP rewards: $11.60
Total after coupons, store sales & rebates: $8.60
Total after EVERYTHING (store sales, rebates, coupons & UP rewards): Free + .77 profit!

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