Thursday, October 21, 2010

P is for Publix!

Yes, I know....I just went shopping...on Monday!  And yes, I also know there are lots of not so healthy items in this picture...although in my defense we're hosting people Halloween weekend for football/Halloween fun, so I wanted to have a back up of goodies if we needed them. :)  I do like to bake stuff myself, but sometimes you can't beat the convenience (or tastiness!) of popping some Nestle SUPER cheap cookies in the oven....Also, the green jello is for a special Halloween treat hubby and I want to try...if it turns out maybe I'll post about it.  Maybe.

Also, yes I eat alot of hot dogs.  I will admit to it.  And thanks to Target competitor coupons, I got these at an awesome price. :)

The creamer on the left is going to be used to try out THIS recipe...I just love the PW's website...I want to be just like her when I grow up!  But let's be honest, how delicious does Penne a la Betsy look???

Total before coupons & store sales: $38.82
Total after coupons & store sales: $8.68
Savings: 77.64%

Publix Greenwise Toilet Paper @ $2.39
      -Publix Mystery Item in today's AJC
Final Price: A PENNY!  (And it's actually quite soft...but that's probably a little TMI!)

Dannon Light-N-Fit Yogurt @ $1.98 (Sale Price)
      -.50/1, doubled to $1, found HERE (printed it off my brother's computer since I'm maxed out on prints)
Final Price: .89

(2) Thomas English Muffins @ $1.75 each, so $3.49 for both (BOGO)
       -no coupon :(  but still a good price :)

Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes @ $1.25
       -.75/1 found HERE
       -$1/1 found HERE (Whole Foods store q)
Final Price: FREE + .50 overage!

Publix Whipping Cream @ $2.99
       -no coupon  (this is when it's nice to have the $5/25 to cover these full-price items that never go on sale!)

(2) Royal Gala Apples @ .99/lb
      -no coupon
Final Price: .89 for 2

Nestle Cookies @ $1.44 (BOGO)
      -.50/1, doubled to $1, found HERE (now it's .75/1 which won't double)
Final Price: .44

Mahatma Rice @ $1.19
      -.50/1, doubled to $1, mailed to me by company
Final Price: .19 cents

Eggland's Best Organic Eggs @ $3.99
     -.50/1, doubled to $1, found in 9/12/10 SS
Final Price: $2.99

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs @ $1.50 (BOGO)
      -$1/2 found in 9/26/10 SS
      -$1/2 found HERE (Target)
Final Price: .99 for both, or .49 for each pack!

Dial Bar Soap 3-Count @ .94 (BOGO)
     -.35/1, doubled to .70, found in 10/10 RP
Final Price: .24 for 3 or .08 per bar!

(2) Jello @ .89 each, so $1.78 total
     -.50/2, doubled to $1 found in 10/17/10 SS
     .50/2 found HERE (Target)
Final Price: .28 for both, or .14 each

Betty Crocker Molten Chocolate Cake @ $1.35 (BOGO)
     -.50/1, doubled to $1, found HERE
Final Price: .35 cents

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  1. hey you need to call me at some point!! 'cause we're going to be in town that weekend and wanted to get together with you guys.