Saturday, October 9, 2010

Movie Review: The Way Home

I recently had the chance to review the movie, "The Way Home".  The movie stars Dean Cain as a husband caught between the demands of his family and his work.  His marriage is strained, and when he turns his head for a few minutes, his 2 year old son disappears.  Needless to say, his wife becomes very distraught as does Randy.  The movie is based on a true story, which makes it all the more emotional.  Although this is a Christian movie, the "God" theme was not overdone. 

The event occurred in Georgia, not too far from where I currently live.  When the boy disappears, the community pulled together to do everything they could to help the family.  The movie did a nice job of pulling the audience into the situation, creating lots of sympathy for Dean's character, Randy, as well as his seemingly understanding wife Christal.  As upset as she was in the beginning of the movie for little things he did or didn't do, she did not become as upset at him throughout the movie as I expected her to.  The acting was mediocre, as this wasn't a super high budget film.  But, it was nice to see Dean Cain acting again, and this was an emotional role to step into, which he portrayed well.

The movie had it's slow moments, as they had to stretch a 4 hour search where not alot happens over the course of the 90-minute movie.  All in all though, I enjoyed the movie, and went through a few tissues by the time it was over.  It's very family friendly and just a true heart-warming story that would be enjoyed by all ages.

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