Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Companies Contacted

So sorry for the absolutely terrible picture quality...the lighting was not helpful at all, and I was trying to get this done fast, or I knew I'd forget to do it.  I actually got all of this in the mail sometime last week, but am just now getting around to posting it! The coupons in the mail have slowed down, but I also slowed down in writing companies...it's fun to get coupons, but I think I got really lucky in the beginning with how many I got!  I was super excited when I got these Bush's Beans coups though...we go through those FAST!  They're easy to fix and filling....and cheap...and go in lots of things...I could go on. :) So needless to say, getting 4 FREE cans of beans was a good day!

Bush's Beans- (4) FREE cans of beans (up to $1.25 each in value)
SC Johnson- A book of various coupons worth up to $19
Sister Schubert-FREE package of rolls up to $4:00 in value (these are sooooo good!)
Immaculate Baking Company-$1/2  (not the best, but better than none since they rarely put out coups)

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