Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trader Joes: No Coupons-Gasp!

Ok, so I am a big fan of shopping at Trader Joes.  There aren't many around, but thankfully there is one near us.  They specialize in more organic foods and aren't quite as pricey as Whole Foods.  Not that I'm against Whole Foods at all! 

I was wanting some organic potatoes to make homemade french fries, but they're super pricey at Publix and don't look all that good either.  I also wanted some organic apples, and Trader Joe's has better prices and looked better all around.  Oh, and the applesauce it to replace oil in some new recipes I want to try for muffins, brownies, etc.  Anyway, Trader Joe's doesn't have your typical brands, although I hear they will take manufacturer coupons on a few organic items they have like Organic Valley dairy products, etc.  But, most of their stuff is branded by Trader Joes.  But, this post is basically to show you that I don't use coupons ALL the time...only 98% of the time!

Trader Joe's Unsweetened Applesauce @ $1.99
(2) Banana's @ .19 cents each, so .38 cents total
BIG bag of organic russet potatoes @ $4.49
Organic Whole Carrots @ .89 cents
(2) Dried Fruit Bars @ .55 cents each, so $1.10 total (make easy and yummy and healthy snack!)
(3) Red Delicious Apples @ .59 cents each, so $1.77 total
(2) Organic Pink Lady Apples @ .69 cents each, so $1.38 total

Total Spent: $12.24

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