Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Right Guard to the Rescue

My husband, being the environmentally conscious person that he is, doesn't use just any deodorant.  (I'm sure he'll appreciate me telling the blogosphere about his deodorant preferences....) Because of the aluminum in most deodorants, he likes to use Tom's of Maine, which doesn't contain any aluminum and is all-natural.  It's been determined that the aluminum in deodorant is linked to Alzheimer's, which he is really trying to avoid when he gets into old age.  I know, this hasn't been proven and is still being studied, but I do believe they are onto something with these studies.  Thus, we try to stay aluminum free in our house.  Which usually means paying more for deoderant..

But, there are lots of occasions where I can get the deodorant free, and if so, I'll go ahead and buy it and donate it.  Hoping it doesn't give those recipients Alzheimer's...

Anyway, in this case...the deoderant helped pay for the OJ!  Hard to believe right?  Here's how it broke down:

Kroger Gallon OJ @ $3.29
    -no coupon

(2) Right Guard Deoderants @ $2.49 each, so $4.98 total
    -$2 off 2 Right Guard Deodorants Kroger e-Coupon found HERE
    -$1.50/1 Right Guard Deodorant found HERE
    -Buy One, Get One Free 7/25/10 RP (exp 8/31/10)

Total before coupons & store sales: $10.34
Total after coupons & store sales: $2.65
Savings: 74.37%

In other words, buying the deodorants was a moneymakey of $1.01, which went towards the OJ!

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