Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Not So Perfect Trip!

Ok, so since Kroger is having their Mega Event this week, and I was gone last week, I wanted to make sure I got some of the savings before they disappeared! Publix is having a slow week for things I want/need so it worked out well to go to Kroger instead...but maybe I should've just stuck with Publix! My experience at my local Kroger never seem to go well....and my savings was nowhere near as good!

We put all the groceries up pretty fast since alot of it needed to be refrigerated, so no picture of everything....sorry! But, I did get a picture of the items I got free at least! With the Mega Sale, you have to buy 10 of the participating items, and you atomatically get $5 off at checkout. So when you see an item on the shelf, you'll see it's regular price, it's sale price if you buy it alone, and then it's sale price if you buy it and 9 other items (you can mix and match) included in the sale. My biggest problem with this trip, which was totally my fault, was with the cream cheese. I knew there should be a catlina running where if you bought 5+ Philadelphia Cream Cheese, youd get a catalina for $5 off your next visit. So I got the cream cheese, because it was also included in the mega sale at 99 cents each, so I'd basically be getting free cream cheese which is great because we go through it like crazy in my house. Only problem is, the catalina doesn't start until tomorrow! Would've helped if I'd figured that out before I checked out....but no!

Total before coupons: $57.95
Total after coupons: $34.30
Savings: 40.81%

5 Philadelphia Cream Cheese @ .99 cents each, so $4.98 total
Softsoap @ .99 cents
Kraft Miracle Whip @ $1.69
Suave Deodorant @ .99 cents (to be donated)
2 Tostitos @ $2.25 each, so $4.50 total
Kroger 1 Gallon OJ @ $2.99
Kroger 1 Gallon Milk @ $1.98
Gillette Shaving Cream @ $1.99
Deli Rotisserie Chicken @ $4.99
Kroger Italian Sausage @ $3.79
Honeysuckle Ground Turkey @ $1.99
Crest Toothpaste @ 10/10, so $1
Bananas @ .92 cents
Nature's Own Bread @ $1.88
2 Plums @ .61 cents
2 Red Delicious Apples @ $1.74
2 Fuji Apples @ $1.97
Dole Strawberries @ $1.68

.50 cents off any Softsoap, doubled to $1
.50 cents off Kraft Miracle Whip doubled to $1 (found on their Facebook page when you "like" them
.50 cents off Suave deodorant, doubled to $1 (found in 7/11 AJC)
$1 off Deli Rotisserie Chicken (found in Kroger home mailer)
.55 cents off Kroger Sausage or Bratwurst (found in Kroger home mailer)
.50 cents off Crest Toothpaste (found in AJC, P&G)
Free Loaf of Nature's Own Bread (mailed because I registered)

These are the items I got free at Kroger! The deodorant will be donated, which is always nice to know I can help out the store, the manufacturer of the product and someone in need without paying a dime!

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  1. I wish there was a Publix in my area. I do love my local Kroger stores though (there are 3 here)!