Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Toothpaste @ Publix

Well almost free....I had to go drop off my 24 hr Blockbuster rental back at Publix this morning, and since I got my coupons in the mail yesterday from The Coupon Hunter, I was able to pick up my free toothpaste since it's 10/$10 this week. I knew early in the week, thanks to I Heart Publix's sale preview, that the Crest would be on sale, and I'd already used all my Crest coupons recently in other sales. So, I ordered 6 .50 cents off any Crest toothpaste q's, paid .08 cents per coupon (to basically cover the time that was put into cutting and finding them) and then .45 cents for mailing. So in all, I guess I paid (.08x6)+(.45)+(.36 tax)=$1.29 for 7 tubes of toothpaste. That's .18 cents per tube. Not bad.... :)

Some of these will be donated, some will kept. Hope ya'll get some free toiletries too...let me know if you need help finding/getting some of these great deals!

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