Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I know most of you are avid Target shoppers, like myself. Until I started couponing, I just assumed Target had good prices...unfortunately that is not always so. Although Target is fun to shop at, I stopped shopping there for a few months because I could get such better deals elsewhere, like drugstores, or even the grocery store sometimes on non-grocery items.

Then I found fell in love. This blog, run by Kerry, does an amazing job of updating multiple times a day on Target deals. And as I have learned, it ends up costing alot more if you take 1 trip and buy everything when it's not sale. If you wait until it goes on sale and you have a coupon, it makes the product way better! Now I know alot of you are not as lucky as me and don't have a Target half a mile down the street (or maybe that's not good....), so it makes just stopping by to check on a deal alot harder. But if you can easily get to one, I highly suggest following Kerry's blog and taking advantage of all the deals she posts. She works hard to make sure all of us extreme couponers get the awesome deals! Also, Target is currently re-vamping their food departments, so alot of stores have a ton of food on clearance...pair that with a coupon and you can get some cheap stuff!

So has anyone gotten anything good at Target recently???

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