Friday, May 21, 2010

Whole Foods Coupons

Thankfully, I live in an area with lots of grocery competition. Since that's the case, my Publix tends to take lots of competitor coupons, which makes for great deals. Unfortunately though, in small cities where there aren't Whole Foods and Targets right around the corner, the Publix's can be a little more difficult. So, make sure you ask customer service as soon as you walk in the door (or call beforehand) to make sure you can use the q's you're' planning on using. IF your Publix does take Whole Foods q's though, you can get some great organic products for much cheaper than you'd get them otherwise.

If you follow the link HERE, you will be directed to the online Whole Foods coupons, which can be stacked with Manufacturer ones. And the great thing is, there is no limit to how many of each q you can print! For example, I print off as many Cascadian Farms cereal q's as I think I can use in a month because my husband goes through it so fast. It's hard to get manufacturer q's for these since I can usually only print 2 at a time when I find them online, but if I have 1 of both q, I can stack them to get at least $2 off 1 box of cereal, making it a much better price for how small the boxes can be! The great thing about April was that Publix had store q's for these, as well as put them on sale, essentially making them free! Even though I stocked up, we're already beginning to run low! No!!!!

I hear Whole Foods is pretty picky about the q's they take, which stinks because they really are a great company, but refuse to take even manufacturer q's sometimes. I make it over there every once in a while though because they do have great organic produce!

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